Der Apfelbaum

Illustration du texte der Apfelbaum.

Technique : peinture acrylique, crayon, colle, gommage.


The apple tree

What if, we funny, happy people, are caught in a tragic event ? One where we have no control over.

This question occurred to me when I was looking in detail at this drawing.

When I look at my drawings I see comic faces joking around. In this picture, it is one in which my funny character is caught in a dramatic turn of events. He didn’t want to be there but he had no choice.

Having beers, picking up apples at the market, listening to our favourite band, going shopping is something we usually do with no afterthought.

My central character, let’s call him Tom, went to the market today to pick up fruits, like hundreds of other people that morning. Tom is into heavy metal. He watched Heavy Metal in Baghdad recently and was touched by the main character trying to hold an illegal underground concert. Tom loves poking Jenny, his girlfriend’s nose. He also likes seafood and Marry Poppins. While going to the market this morning, he didn’t know it will change his life forever.

A planted seed 

That is the story that came to my mind when I want to describe this drawing. Originally, it’s a picture that I did to illustrate a short text. The story was about an apple tree getting so big that he was destroying an entire city. No one in this city had power over it. Cutting it, trying to destroy it, nothing worked. The seed was planted and there was nothing you can do about it. The author wrote it hundred years ago, but it continues to resonate today.

A sleepless night 

I wanted to create an overwhelming atmosphere in this picture. The picture was in my mind for an entire night. First thing, I drew two blue lines without lifting the brush. I used water colour for the first line and oil stick for the next one. The blue colour represents peace, quietness. I drew all at once : the main character Tom and the second characters. Then I let it dry so I went back to sleep, set my alarm for the next step.

After an hour later of sweet dreams, I went back protecting one of Tom‘s figure and his hand with rubber-glue. To create the yellow layer which comes next, I used a carton in a shape of a five-storey building as a stencil. I used yellow acryl painting. Then again I went back to sleep. For the last layer, I used a potato shaped in a form of an apple with red paint on it. I applied it on top of everything. Now my entire drawing is covered with red apples, no traces of Tom. I let it dry not knowing what will be the result. Around 4 am, I was able to rub the glue which was applied on my main character, releasing Tom from under the buildings and apple.

The first draft was not quite what I wanted, so I did the entire process once again.

This drawing is different from what I usually do. It uses a painting process, as I am usually more into drawing and collage. Doing this process was something new to me and really got me in.

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